Get to know The Rocket Factory

We help companies know their mission and scale…profitably.

We come from various backgrounds and industries. Our consultants combine decades of business expertise with proven execution rooted in profitable performance.
Digital is deep in our DNA.  We also understand all of the tools to reach any audience. That’s why we align business strategy with flawless channel execution.
Our goal is to help your ideas take flight while keeping a clear eye on value. This ensures that together we are developing plans where strategy is delivering a return that helps fuel your business for that next big stage.
A bit more about what gets us out of bed in the morning is captured in the following video.
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Meet The Team

Todd Feldman
Founder & President
In 2020, The Rocket Factory was founded by marketing and digital commerce veteran Todd Feldman. Todd’s passion lies in addressing the needs of businesses that seek to translate performance into business growth. With deep business experience, Todd has spent his career achieving unmatched performance for the companies he has served.
As a global marketing and eCommerce consultant, Todd worked at the forefront of technology with a broad range of B2B and B2C brands. With knowledge in early start-ups, middle-market juggernauts, maturing and high-growth entities, Todd knows the unique challenges that face each of these business segments.
With a highly adaptable work style, his expertise lies in helping companies understand the “art of the possible.”
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William Benton, Ph.D.
Anthropologist of Innovation Ecosystems
Dr. Benton has over a decade of experience in research, publication, and venture development support. His primary interests are inter-organizational project development and emergent social value discovery, and he teaches on pre-seed venture development with a focus on biotechnology. He has a passion for ethnographic research, particularly for discovering qualitative backgrounds to the key variables in new industries. His past work on innovation ecosystem development in emerging markets has given him insight into the fundamentals often taken for granted in more stable markets.
Robert Brodell
Robert Brodell
Design & Innovation Strategist
Robert’s experience in strategy development and delivery includes leading product and program innovation across the Federal Government and Capital One in addition to coaching and advising product teams.  He has successfully delivered major public facing programs for the U.S. Departments of Treasury and State, integrated Agile and human-centered design practices into business teams at Capital One, and managed several products that have more than doubled their user base at the company.
Buck Robinson
Buck Robinson
Marketing Consultant
An accomplished serial entrepreneur and marketing professional with almost 30 years of experience launching successful companies, Buck Robinson has generated over a half-billion dollars in attributable revenue for clients over the course of his career.
As co-founder of lauded start-up Outdoor Access, Buck brings both proven experience and a keen understanding of the particular needs of high growth start-ups to The Rocket Factory team. Buck specializes in connecting high-growth strategy to the creative execution of integrated marketing campaigns.
Lisa Rogerson
Marketing Consultant
Lisa is an experienced strategic marketer with expertise in creating and leading integrated marketing strategy.
Lisa has had a successful career in large corporations, such as Capital One and Genworth Financial, developing performance-driven marketing strategy and integrated marketing campaigns. Lisa has also worked in advertising agencies, helping companies of all sizes solve business challenges with marketing strategy, digital strategy, social media, content, and engagement strategy.
Consulting full time for the last three years and loving it, Lisa brings her passionate big company thinking to The Rocket Factory’s list of emerging businesses to help them accelerate their growth with sound business strategy.
Amy Thornburg
Amy Thornburg, M.Sc.
Behavioral Scientist & Research Analyst
Amy has a 20+ year career leveraging diverse research methods to uncover human insights that build strong brands, lead to innovative new products, and reinvent the customer experience.  Amy spent much of her career leading Insights for Capital One where her work influenced strong growth through new products and increased customer engagement.  Amy brings an insatiable curiosity and a passion for understanding people, their goals, and motivations and how they think and feel, to every assignment.

At the heart of driving efficiency

The Rocket Factory Integrated Model
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  • Integrated Sales & Marketing

  • Digital Marketing & e-Commerce

  • Lead & Sales Funnel Optimization

  • Marketing Automation

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Business Validation

  • Operational Performance

  • Market Research

  • Personas & Segmentation

  • Content Marketing

  • Brand Promise Development

  • Plan Management

  • Creative Direction

  • Technology Selection

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