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Creating an evolution not a revolution.

Simplifying what matters.

In order to successfully evolve your business in The New Economy, it’s imperative to build a tight connection between people, process, data, and technology. And helping you to tie those foundational principles back to the promises you make to the market you serve is deep in our DNA.
That’s the power of aligning everything you do directly to your brand; maximizing revenue and profitability, customer experience, operational efficiency, and socioeconomic sustainability.
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Simplifying business evolution.

Did you know?

Of the $1.3 trillion spent on digital transformation in 2018, an estimated
$900 billion was wasted when initiatives didn’t meet their goals.
70% of transformation projects fail because of resistance from employees.
(Forbes 2019)
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That’s why we believe that these 4 crucial connections…

4 Critical Connections
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…must connect directly to these 4 significant outcomes.

4 Significant Outcomes

We’re ready to help you simplify what matters.

The Rocket Factory Strategic Blueprint


We kick off your journey by gathering information about the goals & objectives for your business. We also conduct an analysis of your people, process, data, and technology as it relates to your initial requirements. 


Through our Accelerated Delivery Model, we work with you and your key stakeholders to identify opportunities and validate critical decision points through research.


With prior phases completed, we finish your plan and implement solutions based on the outcomes of prior phases. We carefully execute any organizational and process change required to meet your objectives.


Ready for launch! We work with you to begin the rollout of your solution. We’re mindful of current business while we introduce the evolution of your reimagined business. 

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