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We’re passionate about building high-growth companies or as we like to call ’em…Rockets.
We speak the language of performance and efficiency and are obsessed with things like market-fit, buyer journeys, LTV, return-on-investment, and customer acquisition cost.
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What’s New from Mission Log

The Rocket Factory’s Todd Feldman joins Jay Smack for The Good Eye Podcast

“There’s a lot more opportunity for ‘sparks to fly.’ We’re at a crossroads and we need to choose what path to go forward. You can’t go forward with fear you have to go forward with optimism…” Todd Feldman The GoodEye Podcast with Jay Smack The Rocket Factory Founder & President Todd Feldman joins Jay Smack […]

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What the Warner Bros. 2021 new release announcement means for everyone else

Disruption is less a single event than a process that plays out over time, sometimes quickly and completely, but other times slowly and incompletely.  -Harvard Business Review; December 2012 The quote from Harvard Business Review was selected very deliberately when we published Part I of our new blog series on Monday.   Ya see, a lightning […]

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Why ‘Brand’ is so much more than a marketing term

written by:  Todd Feldman Founder & President, The Rocket Factory In 2009 I signed on with leading eCommerce software platform company ATG (later acquired by Oracle). I was brought on as a global consultant advising top brands on their commerce strategy and then tying go-to-market plans directly to the significant investment they made in our […]

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Packaged Services


Early Start-ups

Coming! Guidance determining market-fit for your idea.


Post Revenue

Executive marketing guidance toward breakeven and beyond.


Profitable Growth

Integrated planning & execution to fuel your maturing company.

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We are always looking to add to our network of amazing talent! We’re currently looking for independent strategy consultants to come join us as we build a new kind of advisory firm.
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